Do you want to make waves?

We not only move pictures!

Combining web design and video art is of special interest for us at SIT, because it allows the realisation of internet entrances which completely captivate guests.


In order to achieve this requires technical and artistic precision on the highest level and in the smallest details. We are therefore especially proud to be considered among this elite group of web designers as one of the absolute leaders in Austria.


Of course we also offer quality solutions utilizing Adobe Flash, albeit the possibilities of creating interactive animations are practically boundless. It does not matter if complex content is to be projected more clearly, if through interaction your web site should leave an especially strong impression, or if a game should entertain your visitors, we ensure through the most modern technology and highest levels of creativity that your new web site will not fail to leave an impression.

While the use of videos and modern animation techniques opens unimaginable possibilities of online presentation, it demands the highest levels of technical and artistic expertise if it is to be initiated convincingly. As a specialist in this field we are quite capable of creating something “moving” for you.