Off the Shelf or one of a kind?

Our solutions are tailor made!

SIT accompanies you step by step on the path to your individual internet presence.

The range of possibilities that modern web design offers is as large as the requirements and expectations that try to define it. While we can not assume your expectations from the beginning, we will, through thorough introductory discussions define the exact objectives you wish to achieve; after all, it is our goal that you receive, not a good homepage, but the perfect homepage for your needs!


Firstly, our Creative Studio designs the visual concept and you can be assured that it will be one with the highest level of screen design quality. Then when the optical look-and-feel is to your satisfaction, the programming will begin.


Our Development Team is capable of implementing complex requirements efficiently. To accommodate the growing number of smart phone users we also offer optimized solutions for mobile devices.


The content management systems (Typo3, Joomla!, Wordpress and Drupal), which we utilize in our design will allow you comfortable administration of your page content without burdening you with running costs!

We are the right partner for your internet presence: multiple year experience in the IT-branch paired with the relentless energy of our creative minds allows individual masterpieces to be born on solid technical foundations.