In the Doldrums?

Create a storm via social networking!

It does not matter how many associates your marketing department has: It’s too small if you are not letting social networks work for you.


The Expertise of SIT encompasses far more than the conceptualization and realization of web sites. Let others talk about you besides yourself, your company and your products, in that your web site is cleverly connected into social networks.


Naturally there is no reason to be worried that your SIT-Page will be lost in the flood of search engine results: We create our web sites according to the state-of-the-art guidelines of search engine optimization, so that you always appear first. Would you also like to advertise by Google & Co.? We would be happy to conceptualize your individual search engine marketing and, when desired, take on the continuous customer support of your campaign.


Operators of already existing homepages may obtain from us a free analysis and, if necessary, the corresponding optimization, so that you too may profit from the wind of social networks.

The smart networking of your homepage with social networks in the internet demonstrates a cost-effective multiplier of your public image. SIT is an expert in this area and offers this service – equally the optimization for search engines – also for existing web sites.